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A website where you can explore the pedagogical approach, tools, and of course Digital Dictionary of the S@me , created by students and teachers, France and elsewhere, through Didapages and designed for young children to put students’ learning process back on track in order to give meaning to their work (and so that they can build links and mental images), help them build relationships, observe, reflect, decipher the world and build a good foundation for learning to learn.

Latest articles

  • Number 1 - 10 June 2011

    Number 1
  • What it is - 10 June 2011

    Inside a "Mystery Bag" (a large opaque bag), is a carefully selected collection of everyday objects. Each student can only remove an object when she manages to make at least three statements (...)
  • Origin - 10 June 2011

    Observations that gave birth to the project : Many children with problems at school do not establish links, cannot compare, do not categorize and are generally satisfied to associate only one (...)