Published 10 June 2011


Observations that gave birth to the project :

  • Many children with problems at school do not establish links, cannot compare, do not categorize and are generally satisfied to associate only one characteristic, or even a simple label, with an object.
  • Training in abstract concepts is greatly reduced by these limitations.
  • The construction and acquisition of mathematical concepts is extremely difficult for too many pupils.
  • Passive contact with a foreign language is insufficient to ensure progress in this language.
  • These pupils very often have a poor self-image and a negative attitude towards their ability to learn and understand.
  • A great deal of teachers’ time and energy is necessary to help students who are working below their grade level: how to overcome these obstacles before they overwhelm students’ low self-esteem?

To overcome obstacles as early as possible we need to conceive tools that can help students build their thought processes and learn to learn.

This project is a culmination of a form of action-research that I started there more than a dozen years on helping children with learning difficulties. After working with students in great difficulty at all levels (Kindergarten to 13 years), the evidence gathered to arrive at this approach.