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  • What it is - June 2011

    Inside a "Mystery Bag" (a large opaque bag), is a carefully selected collection of everyday objects. Each student can only remove an object when she manages to make at least three statements concerning that object.
    As the objects are revealed, different games are set up to find those that are "the same", having a common characteristic.
    Each child builds her own collection of objects that are "the same". (For example, a student having selected a plastic object might then select other (...)

  • Origin - June 2011

    Observations that gave birth to the project :
    Many children with problems at school do not establish links, cannot compare, do not categorize and are generally satisfied to associate only one characteristic, or even a simple label, with an object.
    Training in abstract concepts is greatly reduced by these limitations.
    The construction and acquisition of mathematical concepts is extremely difficult for too many pupils.
    Passive contact with a foreign language is insufficient to ensure (...)